Healing Your Digestion Naturally


Digestive problems are some of the most common complaints that people come to me for. Although it’s not the sexiest topic- constipation, diarrhea, IBS, gas, reflux, or abdominal pain are on the rise. This has a lot to do with the quality of food today, eating on the run, overeating, and feeling stressed and overwhelmed while scarfing down meals. It’s not surprising that billions of dollars are being spent each year between prescription drugs and over the counter digestive remedies.

Did you know that trouble in the digestive tract can lead to a host of problems throughout the entire body? Everything is interconnected and 80% of our immune system lives in the gut. This means that autoimmune disease, allergies, skin disorders, chronic fatigue, and other illnesses can be greatly improved when attention is given to healing your digestion.

The other thing you may not realize is that your stomach acts as your second brain. You know those times when you have a “gut feeling” or a sense of danger in the pit of your stomach. This response is very real. A big part of our emotions are influenced by the nerves in this area. When we are anxious, nervous, or feel unsettled it can often lead to digestive symptoms. The brain signals messages to the stomach when we feel that something is wrong. Often this causes a nervous stomach and for some people can even be debilitating. There are a number of ways to heal the stomach without the use of medications.

Give your digestive system a break by trying an elimination diet. Avoid wheat, gluten, yeast, corn, soy and eggs for a few weeks.

Stop drinking beverages such as coffee, alcohol, or anything carbonated that can be irritating. Switch to Green tea and fresh water instead.

Take digestive enzymes thirty minutes prior to eating big meals.

Use probiotics daily to introduce good bacteria.

Consider nutrients such as glutamine, mastic gum, bromelain, turmeric and omega 3 supplements which help decrease inflammation.

Work on minimizing stress. Even If you don’t have time to hop in a yoga class or run to the gym- that’s okay… You can do something as simple as closing your eyes for a few minutes and practice deep breathing to quiet the mind. Also, stay away from people and situtations that make you uneasy.

Small improvements in your digestion can create drastic changes to your overall well-being.