In Person Programs

Our office is located at New Oz Medical (Offices of Oz Garcia) on the Upper West Side. When you come to the office I will meet with you and we will review your health history and your nutritional goals. Although I can write diet plans, I like to educate clients so they are not stuck relying on a set menu. I will teach you how to food shop, order in a restaurant, or what to pack when you are traveling or on the go to save you from getting stuck somewhere with no healthy options. If you are focused on weight loss, we can weigh you each session to track your progress. Additionally, we have a full nutritional supplement dispensary that provides professional vitamins, supplements and meal replacement shakes sold only to health care practitioners. Whether we hold our sessions in person or remotely, the first session is always one hour, and the following 3 sessions will be once a week lasting from 30-60 minutes. If we continue working together after the month ends, many clients will continue to work with me for maintenance sessions in person or by phone. The pricing for maintenance sessions will be adjusted to not be cost prohibitive. In between sessions, you will have unlimited access to email and text me for ongoing support during the week.