Smile at your Challenges

It takes more than just going gluten-free, drinking green juice, and practicing yoga to solve your problems

After losing her mother to breast cancer and having an absent father, Danielle Pashko was living as a teenager on her own in Manhattan. She worked as a model to support herself, although much of her free time was spent studying yoga, massage, holistic nutrition and healing modalities. While later working as the "go to" practitioner for everyone's health issues she, ironically, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Her strongly ingrained philosophy of restrictive eating and physical  > Read More

Breaking your Fat Girl Habits

Weight loss mistakes even healthy chicks make!

You should get the gold medal for your diet and exercise efforts. You’ve done it all - juice cleansing, vegetarianism, raw foodism, gluten-free, Paleo™. You have a designated spot in your yoga class and on alternate days you’re committed to Spinning®, Pilates and Zumba®. So why is the body you’re hoping for not manifesting? Before you blame genetics for not looking the way you want (and you’re positive you’ve done everything possible to drop those pesky pounds), maybe there’s something you’ve missed. Fitness and nutrition expert, Danielle Pashko’s surprising insights may astonish you when you discover what you’ve been overlooking.