Would you ever go to a personal trainer one time and expect results? When it comes to diet and lifestyle changes, the philosophy is also the same. I used to offer individual sessions, but found that the best results came when clients had coaching along the way and were held accountable for a minimum of 4 weeks...There is much more value to having a bit of hand holding and that's what I love to do!

My nutritional  programs start at one  month long and can be ongoing for as much time as needed. The initial consult we will go over your medical history, dietary and exercise habits, and goals. I will help you to come up with a routine and meal plan, vitamins and supplements (if indicated) as well as food shopping suggestions to help you to feel better. Whether you need more energy, strength, better digestion, less stress, to sleep better or lose weight, I can get you there. I don't believe in rigidity, cutting out food groups, deprivation, or liquid diets. I want you to succeed and not feel restricted. This should be a lifestyle, not just simply about the scale or short term success. It's most important to feel healthy, confident and strong for the long-term!

Our follow up is generally once per week which can be in the office or via phone/Skype if you live out of town. I will ask you to keep a food/exercise diary online which I have access to so I can review your progress. Additionally, many of my clients are very social and eat out a lot. If that sounds like you, I can review menus from places you frequent and direct you on how to order if designing a meal plan just doesn't fit into your lifestyle. During our program, you will have unlimited access to email and text messages and will be responded to always within a timely fashion.

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