Good Fortune Comes From Good Company


There is a quote that goes, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” The amount of success and happiness we experience is greatly influenced by those we allow in our inner circle. If you are having trouble reaching your highest potential, consider the company you keep…

Do you have people in your life that always take and don’t give back? I’m referring to the ones who dump their problems on you but don’t ask how your day was, use you for your social connections but don’t share their resources with you, or like to date you when it’s convenient for them but are not emotionally available when things get serious. This is when the scales are not balanced. It’s only gimme gimme gimme, and you are always left feeling short-changed.

There’s also the issue of friends and relatives who pretend to want the best for us but it comes off as completely phony. Those are often the most dangerous people since we have no clear-cut reason or justification to push them away. They may be polite and exhibit all of the niceties but it’s obvious they gain fulfillment by seeing you unhappy. They know how to compliment you at the same time as giving a dig.

This is why you need to be careful when sharing good fortune or ideas. Otherwise jealousy can come into play - which often spoils outcomes and ultimately your happiness. A business partner of mine was very superstitious about not discussing our projects with other people. He would say, “You need to imagine yourself as pregnant.” In the beginning stages you need to protect the baby or “idea”; otherwise, it won’t survive until full term. It needs to be in a safe environment as an embryo so it continues to develop and grow. Then you need to nurture the unborn baby, eat well, feed it, and keep away for dangerous people or situations. By exposing yourself to negative people or situations, they could potentially kill it. The people who are supportive of you will give you love, encouragement, and help give birth to your idea.

If you’re sensing negativity from someone – even when they’re temporarily saying or doing the right things – it could have to do with their vibration. Sometimes no matter what you do it’s impossible to find a way to connect and agree with someone. I am a talkative person, but in certain circumstances I feel like I literally have nothing to contribute to the conversation. This can occur when you and the person are just on completely different wavelengths energetically. Instead of trying to fake a relationship, surround yourself with people that allow you to be open and expressive rather than contracted and afraid to be yourself.

Having a support system of the right people will help you to be the best you can be and to build your confidence when things don’t work out. You may also need these people to hold you accountable for your shortcomings. The people closest to you should never leave you feeling anxious, unhappy, or insecure. Instead, they should be your cheerleaders helping you to materialize your dreams.